The Various Costs Involved In Buying A Real Estate, Pune Property

When investing or buying any real estate, Pune, it is very important for the buyer to be aware of the current market prices prevalent in the area where he or she plans to buy a property. This knowledge will help them in ensuring that the builder, developer or the seller of the property does not charge any extra price for the same. There are many costs which form a part of the total cost of buying a property.

Some of the major costs, included in the price of any real estate, Pune property, are as follows:

Basic Cost

This is the price of the floor area of the property. This rate is generally fixed for specific regions. Thus, if you plan on buying a property in a specific region, then all the properties in that area would charge you a carpet area rate which would the same. There may be slight variations in the same, but this rate is generally equal to the market price for the properties in that area and hence, as a buyer, you should not agree to pay a rate higher than the market rate for the same.

Stamp Duty

Another very important cost which the buyers of the property have to bear is the stamp duty cost. There are many hidden costs involved in this process and therefore, at the time of negotiations, the buyers should try to get a clear idea about these hidden costs and the total stamp duty that they would have to pay.

Cost Of Amenities

This is the place where the real negotiations take place. The builder and developers can charge any price they want for the amenities provided by them. It depends totally on the negotiation skills of the buyer, how much discount he or she is able to get from the builder on the cost of these amenities.

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