Making Your Payments For Purchasing A Property In Pune Safe Through Proper Documents

Even the smallest of property transactions that happen in the real estate market tend to run in values worth lakhs of rupees. When such a huge amount of money is at stake, it is bound to catch the attention of the wrong elements in the society, and they will try to swindle you and take away your money. Hence, when buying a property in Pune, it is important that you make sure that the money you pay for the property is safe. For this you will need to make sure that you get all the paperwork, involved in a property transaction, is done in a legal and proper manner.

The sales and purchase deed, property transfer deed, registration deed, and many other similar documents are the final proof of having bought the property in Pune. However, in almost all these property transactions, you do not make the complete payment in one go, right before signing these papers. Instead, you are expected to make small payments starting from the time you agree to buy the property. Therefore, to ensure that all these payments made by you before the final sale agreement are safe, you should demand the following additional documents from the seller of the property:

Quotation For The Property

This quotation would show the price at which the seller has offered to sell his or her property to you. The price mentioned in the quotation may not be the final price decided for the property sale between you and the seller. You can always negotiate on this price. This quotation would not have any legal validation, but still it would be a proof of the fact that you were in talks with the seller for buying his or her property.

All the details of the job to be done on the property in writing and get the same motorized. This is a proof of that the seller had agreed to sell the property to you.


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